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SAAE is the Name and Embodiment of Shaniqua's Creative World.

Shaniqua knew from a very young age that she wanted to invest a great part of her life in creating art. She graduated from Arte College after which she was able to further realize her dream by studying and obtaining her college degree in the Fashion Design.

The ambition to design on a larger scale in addition to Fashion became reality. In 2018, Shaniqua started at the Netherlands Film Academy (Amsterdam) where she pursued her ambition and further developed her love for creating art by studying Production Design.

Shaniqua sees herself exploring the worlds of Arts and Media with a strong will power to grow her creative and practical skills in various specializations within the Art, Costume and Lighting Departments of “Film and Tv”.

“She finds it both exciting and essential to tell stories with respect and care in any way”.

What connects me to the will of creating in general has to do with my truth in life. I want to celebrate and realize the world we live in. I want to create and share art in a way that makes our existence an infinite memory.

Shaniqua Etienne.

Film/Tv Art Department : Film/Tv Costume Department : Commercial Fashion Design

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About: Text
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